Friday, March 24, 2006

सूक्ष्मध्यानम् ॥ (sūkṣmadhyānam) Part 3

This is a fairly elaborate cakra scroll from Kashmir with a Sanskrit text in Śāradā script detailing the illustrated program. I saw it in London with an art dealer (present location unknown). See the rest of the scroll here. There seem to be quite a few very similar Kashmirian scrolls in existence, one excellent example is preserved in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The catalogue entry is presumably the work of someone unfamiliar with the Śāradā script, otherwise the identifications would be clearer (Victoria and Albert Museum IS 8­1987 ­ 21/D8­E4, IS 8­1987 (1/9) ­ 21/D8, IS 8­1987 (2/9) ­ 21/D9, IS 8­1987 (3/9) ­ 21/D10, IS 8­1987 (4/9) ­ 21/D11, IS 8­1987 (5/9) ­ 21/D12, IS 8­1987 (6/9) ­ 21/E1, IS 8­1987 (7/9) ­ 21/E2, IS 8­1987 (8/9) ­ 21/E3, IS 8­1987 (9/9) ­ 21/E4. “Scroll depicting the chakras, or centres of psychic energy, Ink, opaque watercolour, gold and silver on paper, Probably Kashmir, 19th century”.).

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